Friends of ours left for Costa Rica today. Visiting Costa Rica has long been a dream of mine, and while we’re still well entrenched in icy snow, we did get a glimpse of this Central American country this morning while working our way through a Little Passports package.

costa rica lettersandZahra read the letter from Sam and Sofia out loud to us while Leila played with the souvenir sand and turtle mould. We learned the names of some rainforest animals in Spanish and matched pictures of Costa Rican foods to their descriptions. Noah found Costa Rica on the map.

Noah moved on to math, and Zahra to letter writing, while Leila opened her own package from Early Explorers. It’s always a world theme (foods, monuments, currency, etc.), but this one was a bit out-of-the-box: a space theme. It was a great review of things we had learned in the beginning of the year and came with a fun stamp set that kept Leila busy while I worked on numbers in the 80’s and 90’s with Noah. These are the hardest, as eighty is “four twenties” and ninety is “four twenties plus ten”. In a sequence, he gets it, but take out a random number and you can see his brain spinning.

early explorers space

We stopped for a snack and read some library books. While I made lunch, I asked Leila to put all the couch cushions back on the couch—and I loved watching her do it from my hiding place behind the kitchen island. The biggest cushions are bigger than she is, and yet she managed to push them back onto the couch. She noticed that the cushion cover zipper was facing the outside, and the little perfectionist in her just couldn’t leave it like that. She pulled and pushed and tugged; at one point, she leaned over the arm of the couch, her head pushing the cushion one way and her feet dangling in the air. She managed it, my little scientist.

After lunch and a bit of reading practice (Noah read to me from his Lego Chima book), we scooted out the door to piano and voice lessons. Zahra has decided she doesn’t want to take voice lessons anymore but wants to continue piano—which is the opposite of what I would have guessed; but then again, she has been having a lot more fun playing the piano as her talent increases. I think she’ll miss voice, but time will tell.