Classes started today at the Nook, and it’s going to be a full lineup! Here are some of the things we enjoyed today:





On this hot, sticky day, the littles sponge-painted ice cream cones. During this time, my older two were in Drama Games.






sensory play


Songs and Sensory Play. When I asked Leila if she wanted to participate in this class, she said no. When I said she would get to touch a lot of weird things, she changed her mind. Plus, she came home with a song about how to make a hippo smile.





The older kids started their virtual trip across Canada today! They’ll learn about all the provinces and territories, draw a map and create their own scrapbooks.




paper game


The Paper Game has been resurrected! Well, to be fair, it never died.





At 1:00, while Choir held its first class of the session, I was starting a mini science curriculum with our minis! With a puppet show, I explained the difference between plankton and nekton, and then the kids tried to make their own plankton that would float in the water, without floating to the top or sinking to the bottom. It was super challenging!!

plankton 5plankton 4plankton 3plankton 2plankton










At 2:00 was Beginner French and Beginner Arabic! Zahra did a great job of teaching everyone the first letter of the Arabic alphabet and a few words and introductory phrases. I was impressed with the turnout, because these kids are tackling at least a third language.

arabic class

So many classes…my kids liked them all but will have some choices to make if they want to maintain their sanity!

Many of the kids headed to a local park after this to play soccer, but we hung back, cleaning up the Nook and playing outside before doing our evening animal chores. We’ll be back morning and evening daily over the next couple weeks to feed and water the animals—and even walk some of them! We’re also collecting eggs from the Hungarian Yellow chickens to hatch in an incubator. This is a mandate from Rare Breeds Canada, which is looking to grow the number of these heritage birds in Canada.

walking goatskissing winnie

Back home for dinner and a nighttime backyard fire—but not too late because, after a day like that, we’re ready for bed!