Today was proof that we can co-exist with the chicks and still get things done. It might seem like the impossible task—anything, that is, when there is a bin of day-old chicks in your living room—but we were quite productive!

working outsideWe did some SQUILT. We had a visit from friends to see the chicks. We did some writing. We did some math. Leila practised rows of u‘s and made her letter and object out of clay. She did some logic problems with the self-correcting game she’s been using. The chicks received their second set of visitors for the day. There were pick-ups for fruit-and-veggie-coop orders. We did geography with Little Passports (this month’s country is Guatemala). Leila had a dentist appointment. We went to buy chess sets for the Nook’s Chess Club, which starts tomorrow. We went to the farmers’ market. The chicks received more visitors! There were more produce pick-ups. The kids played in the back yard. Then, and only then, was it time for bed.


Little Passports letter u








And we still managed to hold the chicks a lot and peek in the incubator a lot. No pipping from this set of eggs yet, but there’s still plenty of time.