I took zero pictures today. I can still make this blog worth reading, though, by sharing a chicken anecdote.

Today, we went back to my friend’s farm, the one with whom I had left our rooster Lavender. Via a local Facebook farming group, I had managed to sell him, and since I wanted the kids to spend a day this week at the farm doing chores, I decided to pick up Lavender and meet the lady halfway between her house and mine.

When we got to Deborah’s house, I was a little disappointed to hear that Lavender had been peckish. He’s so docile at home! But I thought, perhaps it’s the sudden change in location, loss of his “girls” and attempt at integrating into a new micro-flock that had made him irritable. While I helped staple chicken wire up to make an enclosure, Lavender stayed by my side and seemed calm. But when Deborah caught him to put him in the box in which we would transport him home, he pecked her. And she said it wasn’t the first time.

In the meantime, the buyer had texted me that she couldn’t come get Lavender until tomorrow…

We took Lavender home and set him free in the backyard. Atwood and Lavender called back and forth to each other until they managed to find each other. Lavender was already at Deborah’s house when we had put the Tempo up around the chicken coop, so he was at a loss on how to find his way in. Once they found each other, Atwood made sure that Lavender still understood that she is top of the pecking order around here. He tried to get close to her, to eat with her—but she wasn’t having any of it. Izzy, meanwhile, utterly confused over the disappearance and then reintroduction of Lavender, not to mention his and Atwood’s social dance, decided that she’d rather be a house chicken after all. She climbed into Zahra’s lap.

Lavender, resigned to be back at the bottom of the pecking order, was docile once again, and we held him without getting pecked.

Then Lavender started crowing. A lot, and loudly. Zahra and I had to run around the yard like madwomen to get him back into the coop at dusk because he still hadn’t figured out the whole Tempo thing. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, my Lavender.

Who doesn’t like a little chicken drama, right? I wonder how the neighbours will feel about it tomorrow when Lavender’s crowing all day…