Our day in pictures.

Agent Jean


Noah can’t get enough of Agent Jean. I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of comics or these new graphic novels. I strive to surround my kids with “good literature”. But Noah can’t get enough of these. They’re funny, the pictures help him understand and there are just enough words on each page to have him really reading without getting frustrated. I’ll take it.




Leila's map


Leila worked on some Montessori math activities this morning. She also drew a map of our house and hid two treasure maps, one for Noah and one for Zahra.






We drew while listening to Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”. We listened to it performed on piano, guitar, pipe organ and by a full orchestra. We talked more about ragtime and we listened to a few other ragtime hits. We ended by listening to this radio segment on Classics for Kids. Zahra drew a squirrel hopping along a branch, and Noah drew…guess? Agent Jean and Wex.



chicken collage

Deirdre Potash, the same artist who visited the Nook yesterday, has several art classes in her home, including one for homeschoolers on Friday mornings. When we saw that today’s project was going to be a chicken collage, we couldn’t resist!


chicken food

Continuing along the theme of chickens, we made a run to buy feed and shavings. There were some spring babies at the store, including tiny, naked baby mice and a couple chicks. I nearly left the feed store with those chicks. Must resist. Finally, we returned home to let the chickens free range while I cleaned their coop.

Later, we finished our read-aloud book and started a new one: The Family Under the Bridge