Just a quick post, short and sweet, as I have to get ready for our big fundraiser tomorrow!

We started our Nook day not at the Nook, but rather at our house for a second candling of the eggs. Of the 26 eggs left, only one was bad. Can you imagine if 25 chicks hatch on my kitchen counter? This is going to be so much fun. I tried to sell other members of the Nook on housing and raising the chicks, but I got a lot of noncommittal answers. Haha!

dramaThe caravan of cars left my house at quarter to 11:00 and headed to Quinn Farm. Knitters gathered in one corner, drama students in another. I took yet a third group of kids over to Notre-Dame-de-Fatima for Nature Hour. We once again put to use the great materials and activity ideas provided by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. We used sticks, bark, grass and flowers to paint pictures. Some kids whittled their own stick paint brushes. Others painted the sticks.

nature hourcwf backpackpainting with stickscwt nature hour















heartOn this beautiful day, the kids just wanted to be outside. So we ate a quick lunch and headed to the barn yard. At 1:00, Zahra went in for anatomy. I caught just the last part, where they were playing a game that showed them how the heart pumps oxygenated blood all around the body. At 2:00, Aita came in to teach the kids how to draw buildings in perspective. This art class is a bit of a challenge for Zahra, and she’s determined to rise to the challenge. Later, after dinner, she took paper and pencil and ruler and was practising on the back deck.

artart 3art2








We had to leave the Nook early today, as the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Migration Map was scheduled to be delivered to my house anytime after 3:00pm. It didn’t actually get there until 5:30, accompanied by a trunk full of accessories. I can’t wait to use this tomorrow!

We spent the afternoon outside. Leila whittled some sticks. Zahra and I spotted this bee on our pear tree, and then—gasp!—a hummingbird! I’ve never seen one so close before. It was breathtaking.


Later, we attended an information session on the math program UCMAS. The children are taught how to do rapid math calculations in their head by first learning with an abacus. I was blown away by the demonstration. Saïd was blown away by the price. Ugh.

And that’s it! Gotta go study some migration routes. 🙂