We had a rough weekend. On Saturday night, Noah vomited, and Leila followed suite on Sunday morning. By late afternoon, they were back to their old selves; but in the interests of not contaminating our community at large, we opted for another day at home.

This meant we could shuffle the schedule a little bit. Not wanting to contaminate the library either, we made today our Math and French day, and we’ll get an extra Project Day in tomorrow. We started with a chapter from Story of the World. We’re on the Middle Kingdom of Egypt, moving along slowly but surely through Volume 1, Ancient Times.

I’ve noticed a pattern in our at-home days, too. Zahra likes to do all her work first thing, leaving the rest of the day open. Leila likes a leisurely morning, playing in her room for nearly an hour after breakfast, making her way back downstairs when she’s ready to work. Noah likes to spread out his work over the entire day. And I mean a good eight hours or more.

With frequent breaks, of course. Today, those breaks included making a fire and keeping it going, tending to the chickens, burning his finger on aforementioned fire and nursing it constantly, eating (there were far too many of these kinds breaks, in my opinion), quizzing us from a Star Wars book on whether we were jedis or siths or senators, and playing the piano. He plays the piano every chance he gets. His Suzuki teacher asked him to work on the first song in his new book; he’s memorized the first six. I taught him a piece from the Star Wars piano book he got for Christmas; and he also makes up his own compositions all the time. He spends more time at the piano every day than he does anywhere else. I love it! And yet his math is still not done…

A slow day at home meant lots of play. We played with Fifi. We played with Kylie (Leila’s new doll). We played Risk, Trouble, Mancala and Clue. We booted up my laptop so Leila could take her first online ukulele class. Those tiny fingers!

It also meant lots of making. We made fire. We made coleslaw. We made bread. Zahra made progress on my mittens. We made music: Zahra and Noah played an impromptu duet of Twinkle.


Really, the only thing that didn’t get done was cleaning the bathroom. I took a cue from my boy and managed to find so many things to do that I just couldn’t get to that…