I think I’m going to write a book. I’m going to call it Positions for Reading. I’ll spend a few months, or maybe even a year, documenting the positions my children find comfortable for reading. Like this one:


This one is good, too:


And these:


















Oh, I’ve got lots of material. You probably do, too. Feel free to share your photos in the comments below. A collaborative work is always better.

IMG_6204We spent the morning with a fellow homeschooler. The kids quickly finished what I asked of them and then ran out to the woods, looking, as they said, for “signs of life”. Later in the afternoon, we wen to the Lego Store for their monthly mini-build. This month, the kids got a submarine to go with their shark and angler fish. On our way home, we stopped to get the mail. Zahra received a letter from her friend. “For an 8 or 9 year old who likes dragons.” Gotta love it. Penpals have got to be one of the best learning experiences out there.


While waiting for dinner to be ready, we set up our Advent Spiral. We add one candle each day, from now until Christmas, and the angel makes her way through the spiral. The kids don’t know it yet, but I bought a wooden camel and a wooden sheep that will show up sometime in the round and take the place of two candles. We love this simple tradition: the spiral is beautiful all lit up and we can skip the gross, pasty chocolate.

IMG_6211IMG_6213 After dinner and some more “den play”, the kids got their pyjamas on, brushed their teeth and settled in for story time. Tonight, we finished Stuart Little, and I must say, I’m glad to be done with it. The kids could not enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong—they listened attentively. They just could not get over the fact that a mouse was born to a human family. They would not stop asking questions like: Was Stuart born the same way real babies are born? Why did nobody freak out when they saw it was a mouse? Is it even possible for a mouse to be born to human parents? Why does no one else in the book freak out when they see a talking mouse in clothes?

I hate being interrupted when I’m reading with questions that have no good answers. So when the book came to an end (with Stuart not saying goodbye to his family but just driving north in search of adventure??), I think we were all happy to move on. Something a little more real, a lot more compelling, a story of a boy and adventure: My Side of the Mountain.