We spent most of our day doing this: working with oven-bake clay. Leila made two letters (our letter of last week and our letter of this week) and the number one; and we worked together on a butterfly since we had read a story about them after breakfast. This stuff is so addicting, though, and it’s hard to put down! The kids made a whole tray of things…that I burned. So then we had to start over. They didn’t seem to mind too much. In fact, Zahra was happy with a few of her Dalí-inspired items. The second batch was perfect, and I look forward to making our own collection of clay letters and numbers.

IMG_5552In the afternoon, we had friends over and did a little project with plastic water bottles, stones, water, dirt and our basil sprouts. Our mini ecosystems turned out pretty well, I think!

In other news, tomorrow is Big Trash Day—the day when people put out stuff that doesn’t fit in their trash bins. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Potential project goldmine!! Zahra and I will hit the streets early tomorrow in search of treasure…or plexiglass, those things being equal these days.

Another part of project-based homeschooling that I love is that the parent should also have a project going on. It’s so important to model a healthy work ethic, pursuit of interests and love of learning for your child. I know my children don’t respond well to, “This is important for you to do, but not for me.” Walk the walk, right? This blog is my project. Guest blogging is also part of my project, and my fifth guest blog for Little Passports was just published today. I get an immense amount of satisfaction out of the community aspect of blogging: sharing my ideas and my story with others, and getting their feedback, resources, knowledge and great ideas in return. Thank you so much for contributing to my project.