This morning, we joined friends for a trip to the Montreal Science Centre.


Our favourite exhibit was the ‘Human’ exhibit. The picture above is of our monkeys climbing up the hominin tree and then down to our species.




Zahra running to catch an antelope for our dinner: a game of pacing yourself.








The amazing body and all the exercise it can and should do!







What’s going on when you sleep…







womb 2


Put on the pregnant belly and get an ultrasound. Shocking news: Noah’s having twins!









This part of the exhibit allowed the kids to “crawl back inside the womb”. They didn’t want to come out.






Dinosaurs was a bit anti-climactic, in my opinion.







tech man


Zahra’s favourite part of this exhibit was seeing the tech man opening up a “rock” to get the big T-Rex working again.






hands-on lesson



Hands-on experiments in the Science 26 room. We also saw the IMAX film ‘Wild Africa’.






Work continues on the homeschool co-op, including the launch of a GoFundMe campaign. Thank you so much to all of you who have already made donations. And thank you to those in the community who have stepped forward to lead a class or otherwise contribute. Please don’t hesitate to share it on your own Facebook page and spread the news!