Two years ago (our first year of homeschooling), I was the Queen of Picture-Taking. Queen Photographer. Queen of Filling Hard Drives. Whatever. Wanting to steer my kids in the direction of project-based homeschooling, I picked up a project that aligned with my own interests: I would blog every day for our first year of homeschooling. And I did.

Naturally, in order to document those days, I needed pictures. I took lots…and lots…and lots of them. Old habits die hard, and so I’m still taking lots of pictures—but less obsessively than before. Sometimes, several days can pass without me taking a single picture. What restraint! (The withdrawal symptoms include not knowing what to do with my hands and feeling like I’m forgetting something.)

But today might have been a slide because my phone is full of pictures. I can’t even decide which ones to share, so you get them all.

Elections!!! Today was the big day for our candidates and their teams. Jeanne won by a landslide, but Natascha and Noah did well, too.


Breanne, our poll clerk, and James, our deputy returning officer, checked the voters list and handed out ballots.





One representative from each of the three parties oversaw the polling station.





The voting booths. Some people may have tried—unsuccessfully—to commit voter fraud by bringing in a chick with ID.



Breaking the seal on the ballot box and counting the votes.




Victory speech!




It was such a fun experience. I look forward to leading another class like this one in the winter!

Then, it was time for cuddling chicks and walking lambs—typical day in the life of a Nooker.








After lunch, it was time for the kids’ choir concert. It’s always a joy to listen to what Kimberley does with the group. This session, the theme was songs from around the world. Several of the kids had solos, and Jordan even accompanied them on the piano for the last song! Singing together is such a great way to build community, and I look forward to keeping this class going at the Nook.















The day ended with having friends over and building forts. And another round of those choir songs.