It’s always a surreal moment when I have to wake up a child. And this morning, when I turned on the girls’ light and Leila opened one eye before mumbling, “I’m not ready,” it was no different. But we needed to eat breakfast, get dressed and get on the road for our first ski outing of the season.

But what season? It was freezing rain as we left Montreal…or tried to. Traffic was horrendous and the road conditions were treacherous. I said we should just go back home and forget it. Saïd said, no, let’s stay positive, we’re heading north so it could be better, and besides we’re all together in the car, it’ll be fun. For anyone who knows the Saïd-Amanda dynamic, you know how surreal that moment must have been as well. And since the self-proclaimed “realist” was being a lot more positive than I was, I decided we better trek on.

When we arrived at Mont Avila, the freezing rain all but stopped. I pulled up to the chalet and Saïd opened the side door to the van. Huge sheets of ice fell at his feet, which made us all laugh at the lengths we were willing to go to to get out on the slopes. A second dose of comic relief came when Saïd, feeling something in the toe of his ski boot, dumped it, and out came a mouse skeleton with a bit of fur. Oh yeah…that is not a joke. He kept his boots in the shed all year, and I guess a mouse met his unfortunate demise there.

mont avilaskiWith that past us, Saïd got the kids ready and I sought out the homeschooling group that we were meeting up with. Everyone headed out to their lessons and I cheered them on from inside the warm chalet. The snow wasn’t ideal, but at least it had stopped sleeting, and they ended up having a great time. Everyone agreed that the morning ordeal had been worth it.

Home once again, I let the chickens out for some free-ranging time, and good ole Atwood came straight to the back door, begging for treats. I love the little chicken tracks they make in the snow. I made soup and struggled to keep the kids awake to eat it. A good, long day and an early bedtime.

apres ski