We woke up two hours earlier than normal this morning to get ready. It was dark and it was cold. Five degrees Celsius to be exact. We ate a quick breakfast, grabbed our posters and headed to…school. For the first time since last June.

We joined other parents and students to stand in solidarity with teachers and press for support of funding for public schools. It felt good to be a part of that. So many people we care about attend or teach at that public elementary school. So many children are affected by these budget cuts, in ways we can only start to understand now. These teachers are tired of being asked to produce masterpieces with broken crayons and dull scissors, all while riding a unicycle across a tightrope. These children are the future of this province—the next leaders, they will shape and build this society along with my children.

So there we were.

It was also very good to see our friends. We’ve already started planning their first ped day. We’re going to have a full house! I emailed the moms of Zahra’s friends, and Noah made this invitation for his friend.


Then, in honour not being in school on this chilly but gorgeous day, we took the rest of the day off.