What is a day on the farm? When you’re at the Nook, it’s…


fishveggiesTrouble-shooting the aquaponics system and testing the water quality (and also getting elbow-deep in scummy fish water);




nature walk



Taking a nature walk and harvesting wild mustard greens for dinner;



sheep 2sheep 3


Watching sheep-shearing and getting answers to all your deepest sheep questions;





Getting up close and personal with creatures great and small (and getting a kiss from a cow, which made me happier than I should admit);



And sitting with a bunch of kids who are so enjoying your political science class that they want it to continue in the fall! That made me even happier than the cow kiss. The kids worked on their speeches today and made plans to text and email each other to finish them up over the weekend because…press conference on Monday!

After the Nook, it was the open house at Leila’s school where we got to see her artwork. I have been impressed with the art they do at this school for the past five years—so many frame-worthy pieces come home to us!

And then on to the theatre! Well, theatre practice—where I can do some writing and reading (Genesis, the Journal of Rare Breeds Canada) while watching a dress rehearsal of “The Winter’s Tale”.