While the kids were getting dressed and brushing their teeth, I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and came upon a link to this video. Click here to watch it (you won’t be disappointed). I knew we had to start our day with it, for these reasons:

  1. It features a bird named Zara.
  2. A friend of mine, who used to work with a couple of these birds, recommended it. (I told you I have the coolest friends.)
  3. Zahra, Noah and I know Carl Millier. He’s the dad of a couple kids they went to preschool with. We were pretty excited to see him in the clip.
  4. It’s from Radio Canada.
  5. It’s about birds.
  6. It’s also features impressive video of a trash dump (cue oooohs and ahhhs from Noah and Leila).

Very, very cool. I felt like it would be too much of a bummer to go from that to reading practice, so I decided to do a little quiz. We finished our first SQUILT (Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time) unit last week, during which we had listened to 10 different Baroque compositions. They had listened to each one maybe three or four times total and had drawn pictures to reflect what they thought of when they heard each tune. All of this spread over 10 weeks. So this morning, I played the ten selections randomly (from YouTube) and had them guess at the name of the piece and its composer. First time around was about 50/50 (which, frankly, I was impressed with); second time around, better for Zahra, undecided for Noah (because he kept deferring to Zahra), and Leila…well, she shouted “Bach!” for every single one. Both rounds. Still, I was satisfied and decided we were ready to move on to the Classical period.

IMG_6122After SQUILT, Noah and I did get down to reading practice, accompanied by a dragon and a Ninjago racer. He raced through today’s blended sound “in” and made very few mistakes when reading his sentences. Zahra, meanwhile, wrote two letters, and Leila worked through her Little Passports Early Explorers package.




IMG_6129This month’s theme was oceans and came with a fun fishing game. Dexterity work and staying busy while her siblings worked on other things. Bliss. Did I mention that she writes her own name on her passports now? So cute.

Eventually, we took a break for lunch and then scooted out the door to Stop Motion Animation class. The kids are still taking photos and really learning the painstaking process of putting one of these very short films together. The parents, meanwhile, are dying to see the finished product!

When we got home, we played with the chickens for a while before coming in. Zahra sang and played piano for me while I chopped vegetables for soup. Dinner, baths, Stuart Little and bed. A successful day!